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The Science of Grocery Store Lighting.

The science of grocery store lighting

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Freshness in the Produce Department.

grocery store produce case lightingFor many shoppers who are looking for fresh and organic food, much time can be spent in the fresh produce aisles alone. Fresh produce makes up most of their shopping list, and since they are so aware of good health and its relationship to nutrition, only great looking produce will make it into their baskets. Many organic produce offerings in otherwise reputable whole food and commercial grocery stores make little or no effort at keeping fresh produce looking great. That is a shame, as much of what is carried is thrown out or sent back to the distributor due to spoilage. Fast turnover and frequent restocking is a key to good produce. Another major addition is good lighting.

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Much of the fresh food on display in any store is subjected to all kinds of elements that damage produce integrity. Poor lighting is one of them. Fluorescent or other lighting can destroy nutrients, dry out produce and fail to display the freshness adequately. Shoppers are very guided visually in any store, and if first impressions do not deliver bright colors and good integrity, especially in the produce aisles, sales will suffer, and so will the store's bottom line.

Even when care is taken to keep display cases attractive, many fresh items can look wilted, dried out or old in the course of just a few hours.

Shoppers may assume it is not fresh, and will refuse to pay the higher price for organic or better quality fresh foods. Not only that, they may not return to your store. You have not only lost sales that day, you may have lost all future sales from that individual and potential customers with whom they share their experience. Proper lighting and moisture can keep produce looking fresh, and can enhance colors and shapes to their best advantage, increasing appeal and sales.

Display your fruit and vegetables with PromoluxPromolux balanced-spectrum lighting can display your produce to it's best advantage. Promolux filters out 86% of the radiation which can damage living cells and dull colors.

Promolux is a balanced-spectrum lighting system which highlights and enhances all colors of the available spectrum. This lends amazing depth to shape and color, which adds interest and beauty to the natural lines and hues of the produce aisle.

The engineering that sets Promolux apart from other lighting systems is a special blend of phosphors and coatings that help deliver full spectrum lighting to all fresh food displays.

Yes, Promolux is also popular for use in meat and fish displays, dairy foods, flower and plant displays, or anywhere a business wishes to showcase color and minimize damage caused by fluorescent or direct lighting.

Promolux adds a whole new full spectrum light dimension to fresh foods, organic produce displays and living plants or flowers. Promolux will more than pay for itself in a very short time. In this competitive market, can you afford to do less for your customers?

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