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The Science of Grocery Store Lighting.

The science of grocery store lighting

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Freshness in the Meat and Seafood Departments.

Meat Display CaseIn today's marketplace, consumers judge the freshness of meat and seafood by juiciness, tenderness and flavor. The consumer is much more health conscience today giving more popularity of organic meats.

Organic meats have less preservatives giving less shelf life and even more sensitivity to the effects of light. This leads to fast decomposition.

More than ever, customers are purchasing meats based on color and freshness. Studies have shown that color is the primary reason that customers will purchase perishable meat products.

Promolux is a Food Specific Light Source.

Promolux Balanced Full-Spectrum lamps offer lower levels of ultraviolet radiation than regular supermarket fluorescent lamps to reduce the rate of meat decomposition.

Seafood Display CaseBalanced Spectrum Low - Radiation lamps offer less Spectral Radiation producing less heat that results in less drying out and slow the rate of bacterial growth in meat products.

Seafood and fish spoil faster than other meats such as Pork and Beef. Even a temperature above 29°F will grow bacteria exponentially placing customers at risk. A strong "fishy" smell could be an indication of seafood gone bad. Fresh seafood should not have a strong fishy smell. Regular fluorescent lamps rapidly cause decomposition of seafood whereas, 86% of harmful UV B radiation and 52% of UV A radiations is filtered by Promolux Lamps.


Gourmet meat case with Promolux lamps
Promolux Lamps will show a fresher look and maintain the visual appeal and true color definition to seafood. Promolux lamps are designed to provide the red and blue wavelengths allowing for the highest and truest color definition and reduce the damaging effects of yellow and green spectrums of light.

The Bottom line is shoppers will benefit from fresh and more appetizing meats and seafood. As a shop owner, Promolux Lamps will protect profit margins and extend shelf life.

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