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The science of grocery store lighting

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Showcasing the Gourmet in Delicatessens

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Proper lighting in a specialty deli or meat counter makes all the difference when it comes to displaying food, not to mention the cost savings from reduced food spoilage. Promolux low radiation lighting not only makes food displays more appealing, but it greatly inhibits the deterioration of meats, deli salads and shaved meats and cheeses, farm fresh vegetables, and dairy products. This has an enormous positive impact on a store's bottom line; less shrinkage means lower overhead costs and more profit.


Proper Lighting Attracts Customers

image of Deli using Promolux lamps
One of the biggest oversights when managing a delicatessen or specialty foods store is how improper lighting affects fresh food items in the display. Regular fluorescent lighting actually diminishes a food's true color. When it comes to merchandising and shopper appeal, better coloring which is organic naturally appeals to shoppers.  A loss of color does little to comfort and cement the  impression of fresher food in the customer's mind.

All too often deli staff work hard on the arrangement and merchandising of products in order to showcase their items to their customers, but poor lighting detracts from the display and does little to showcase the vibrancy and depth of color.

Promolux balanced spectrum low radiation lighting is a specialty light designed for merchandising fresh food displays.  It showcases the product's natural colors and at the same time protects foods from unwanted heat and certain spectrum wavelengths that are damaging to foods by using premium quality phosphors to deliver the best coloring and light. Promolux lighting is most preferred by shoppers as it showcases a foods color and freshness naturally, without any distortion or enhancement that becomes obvious once an item is removed from the case.  When viewing a display case, shoppers only see fresh colorful product that has retained its natural moisture, flavor and nutritional integrity. 

Keeps Deli Products Fresh

image of deli cheese display
Ordinary lighting includes a multitude of wavelengths that can oxidize foods quickly. Perishable deli meats, cheeses and salads actually lose a substantial part of their appeal when overexposed to normal light.

In addition, improper light sources cause rapid drying of meats and certain cheeses, resulting in faded colors of roast beef, ham and turkey meats and accelerated hardening and discoloring of specialty cheeses. For a business owner, when shaved and cured deli meats dry out and discolor quite quickly, along with the accelerated spoiling of the creams and sauces in deli salads, it eats away at the profitability of the operation.

image of deli meats
Much like a local farmers market and produce stand, a delicatessens profit or loss is affected to a huge degree by the amount of food that must be thrown away. Promolux balanced spectrum low radiation lights extend the shelf life of perishable items and allows deli products to keep their moisture content for a longer period while inhibiting spoilage and bacterial growth in sliced meats.


Custom Designed To Showcase Foods

image of deli sausage case using Promolux LampsEvery delicatessen is a little bit different in its layout, size and product offerings. No matter what the shape or volume of the deli case, Promolux light can easily be installed to illuminate the cases with the perfect amount of light and color. Promolux lighting specialists are happy to change out your old lights for Promolux bulbs which will protect even your most sensitive of items and deliver real results and savings.

When Promolux lighting is used, the entire deli display is showcased in a way that promotes natural color and gives your customer a feeling of confidence that the food is the freshest available. In your effort to serve the public the finest and freshest foods in the neighborhood, reduce waste and increase sales, by choosing an affordable and effective arrangement of Promolux lighting products. Your investment in Promolux is one which will soon pay for itself and delivers years of savings.

Say Yes to Savings!

image of deli meat lightingIf one product could help you reduce your shrinkage and extend the shelf life of your deli products would you be interested?
If that same product were to provide you with vibrant looking displays that captures shoppers’ attention and boosts sales would you buy it?

Promolux is that product! It is the key in keeping your deli items fresher and giving them a more appealing appearance. Promolux is an integral merchandising component for display cases that stock fresh food items. It will save your business money and product every day.

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