Freshness in Bagel Display Cases

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The Science of Grocery Store Lighting.

The science of grocery store lighting

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Freshness in the Bakery Department.

European bakery display caseThe type of Lighting used in the Bakery Department has a huge impact on the appearance of bakery items and Bakery sales. Customers will spend money based on appearance.

Is the buttery creams and tasty fillings going hard and off-flavouring?

Is the appearance of icings on the cakes fading?

It's a fact that the spectrum of regular flourescent lights emit harmful infra-red and ultraviolet radiation causing damage to foods over long term exposure. Especially foods that are light and heat sensitive in Bakery Display cases. The effects that a light source can cause is the physical changes in the appearance of an bakery product as well as the chemical changes and imbalances that effect the food flavour integrity.

Don't let your bakery goods become stale.

Don't risk food borne illnesses in bakery products that contain egg and dairy products

Bakery Display Case LightingThe appealing sights, smells and tastes offered by a bakery department is what the customer is looking for. Customers often give there positive recommendations by word of mouth to their relatives, co-words, friends, aquintances and also can become loyal and repeat customers. It's also important to realize that an unfavorable recommendation can do as much damage as a result of the goods are dried out, gummy toppings/ fillings or worse - become a food safety hazard. Why chance it?

Promolux Lamps have been proven to improve the color and clarity of visual presentations while extending the shelf life of baked goods (including toppings and fillings).

Keep the Freshness in your Donut Display CasesPromolux full-spectrum lighting can display your produce to its best advantage. Promolux filters out 86% of the radiation which can damage living cells and dull colors. Promolux is a full-spectrum lighting system which highlights and enhances all colors of the available spectrum. This lends amazing depth to shape and color, which adds interest and beauty to the natural lines and hues of the produc e aisle.

The engineering that sets Promolux apart from other lighting systems is a special blend of phosphors and coatings that help deliver full spectrum lighting to all fresh food displays. Yes, Promolux is also popular for use in meat and fish displays, dairy foods, flower and plant displays, or anywhere the business wishes to showcase color and minimize damage caused by fluorescent or direct lighting.

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